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A vibrant, beautiful world, considered by its residents to be a living work of art where anything is possible. Optimism, innovation, and the spirit of creativity fuel an intoxicating renaissance of invention and artifice across Kaladesh. 

However, not all is at it seems. A cold war is brewing between several factions over aether, the world's most powerful resource. The Consulate, who maintains the order of society, works to run the city of Ghirapur and the surrounding towns and villages like an enormous, precise cogwork machine. To some, the Consulate has become increasingly oppressive, aggressively wiping out any dissent or "cogs" that don't quite fit. Standing to various degrees in opposition to the Consulate is a disparate group of inventors, tinkers, thieves, and artists collectively designated as “renegades.” By portraying the renegades as a monolithic entity resembling a criminal gang, the Consulate tries to sway public opinion against them. But in reality, the so-called renegades have a wide range of goals and motivations, different methods, and varying degrees of disdain or loathing for the Consulate. 

Regardless, for those who've made enemies of the Consulate, it's only a matter of time before they are reminded—one way or another—that every cog has its place. 

Home Page

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